Russian Ideology


Will a New Generation of Russians Modernize Their Country?

Today, the young generation is more critical of the authorities than any other population segment. But how reasonable is it to expect the new generation to usher in modernization? Who will win the battle for the young: the state or civil society institutions? And will today’s young people become just another disappointed generation?

How War Would Change Russia

A new spiral of international escalation would rapidly accelerate and entrench the repressive trends that have been in ascendancy in Russian public life in recent years. Any dissatisfaction will be crushed with redoubled strength, including when it emerges within the in-system opposition.

How Do Russians Feel About a War With Ukraine?

Militarization stopped being a way to mobilize Russians in support of the government in 2018. Russians—in particular young people—don’t want war.

Putin’s Labyrinth: Career Stagnation in Russia’s Corridors of Power

The path of career progression within the power vertical has stopped being predictable, and has turned into a labyrinth with no windows of opportunity offered by reshuffles.

Why Not Navalny? Nobel Committee Honors Journalists Over Politicians

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to someone who personifies freedom of speech: something that is crucial to prevent Navalny from remaining in an information vacuum, and therefore without public protection.

Playing at Politics: Manufacturing Russia’s Parliamentary Parties

For the in-system political parties, the presidential administration simply sets some general ground rules. For the new administrative parties, the presidential administration is not just an overseer, but their immediate boss.

Why the Kremlin Isn’t Celebrating the Duma Election Results

The State Duma elections were a triumph for Sergei Kiriyenko’s electoral machine, though even it could not produce the figures that President Putin’s campaign should have warranted.

How the Duma Elections Could Decide United Russia’s Fate

The upcoming Duma elections could turn out to be United Russia’s farewell tour in its current lineup.

Will Russia’s Upcoming Duma Elections Change Anything At All?

The authorities are faced with the fiendish task of convincing democratic-minded voters that there is no point in voting, while making every effort to boost turnout among the conformist, state-dependent electorate.

Podcast: A Closer Look at Russia’s New National Security Strategy

This podcast episode focuses on Russia’s new National Security Strategy and the vision of the world presented in it.
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