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Recent Publications

    • Op-Ed

    Will the Kerch Blockade Make Putin Great Again?

    The narrative that Russia is under attack has long dominated Kremlin propaganda, with Vladimir Putin positioning himself as the commander of a fortress besieged. But Putin's latest attempt to "remind" Russians that they are being attacked is unlikely to work.

    • Q&A

    What Does the Kremlin Want Out of Putin and Trump’s Meeting?

    There will be many issues at play when the Russian and U.S. presidents meet at the G20 leaders’ summit in Buenos Aires. Our Russia experts provide insight into the Kremlin’s game plan.

    • Op-Ed

    What Drives the Russian State

    To understand what makes Putin and his allies act the way they do, you need to look beyond the myths.

    • Op-Ed

    Why Putin Isn’t Sweating the Midterms

    The Kremlin strongman has invested in Trump because he’s disrupting the world order. Win or lose on Tuesday, that will continue.

    • Quick Take

    Is Putin Less Popular?

    Is Putin losing his touch? A new poll suggests that pension reform has damaged his approval ratings.

    • Op-Ed

    Putin’s Botched Pension Reform

    Russia’s crony-capitalist economic model requires an ever-increasing volume of funds to be burned on lavish mega-projects that generate huge profits for a dozen families close to the Kremlin. Now it seems to be pensioners’ turn to make the sacrifices needed to finance the appetites of Russia’s new aristocracy.

    • Op-Ed

    New Sanctions Won’t Hurt Russia

    Washington thinks punitive measures will change Moscow’s calculus, but the Russian economy is doing just fine.

    • Op-Ed

    Why Russia and China Are Strengthening Security Ties

    Conventional wisdom in Washington ignores the degree to which shortsighted U.S. policies are pushing Russia and China closer together. Now would be a good time for U.S. policymakers to rethink a policy that antagonizes both of the United States’ principal geopolitical rivals and to think more creatively about how to manage a new era of increased competition among great powers.

    • Op-Ed

    Entente Is What Drives Sino-Russian Ties

    The Moscow-Beijing relationship, while not an alliance, is also more than the strategic partnership it still calls itself. It is best described as an entente — a basic agreement about the fundamentals of world order supported by a strong body of common interest.

    • Op-Ed

    Russia Is Moving Deeper Into China’s Embrace

    Chinese participation in Vostok-2018 is groundbreaking. It sends a powerful message about the evolving relationship between the great Eurasian powers, which just a couple of decades ago viewed each other as adversaries.

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