What Does Russia Want From the United States?

The coronavirus pandemic is another opportunity that Moscow is using to engage Washington in an attempt to break through the logjams in their relationship.

Russia’s Leaders Are Self-Isolating From Their People

The fight against the new coronavirus in Russia is being led not by politicians oriented on the public mood, but by managers serving their boss. This is why the authorities’ actions appear first insufficient, then excessive; first belated, then premature.

Are Russians Finally Sick of Putin?

Putin’s move to extend his rule beyond its expected end in 2024 has worked against the president. Meanwhile, the new coronavirus and falling ruble have proved more effective than any action by the opposition aimed at damaging Putin’s ratings.

What Doesn’t Kill the EU Will Make It Stronger

EU moves to coordinate efforts against the new coronavirus, relax regulatory enforcement, and demonstrate solidarity can help to show that the European Union can provide added value to individual EU countries, and that it remains a force to be reckoned with.

Pandemic Unsettles Ukraine’s Zelensky

In Ukraine, the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic combined with the country’s existing political problems could sharpen the appetite for authoritarianism in Ukrainian society.

Coronavirus Inflames Russia-Belarus Quarrel

Having closed the border, even for six weeks, Russia has taken yet another psychologically important step in the process of its estrangement from Belarus.

How Is Russia Coping With Coronavirus?

As of March 23, Russia had reported 438 cases of coronavirus and one disputed death. But there is growing speculation in the West over whether official figures can be trusted and whether the Kremlin might be making use of the pandemic to further its own ends.

Confronting the Challenges of Coronavirus, Russia Sees Its Worldview Vindicated

As the Kremlin prepares to manage the public health emergency and an economic slowdown, it’s coming to view the global disarray as affirmation of its ideology.

Russia Battles New Economic Crisis on Three Fronts

The current economic turbulence resembles a fire at an explosives warehouse during a flood and an earthquake, all at the same time.

How Coronavirus Beat Big Brother in China

The outbreak of coronavirus in China has exposed the weak spots of the country’s Big Brother system. It turns out that China’s extensive network of facial recognition cameras is useless in the face of a simple surgical mask.
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