Economic Crisis


The Sanctions Crossroads

The first three months of U.S.-led sanctions did not cause yet deep-seated problems for Russian economy. Regardless, the stakes for Russia are very high. Like the proverbial ancient warrior, it is standing at a crossroads now.

From Afghanistan to Gorbachev, and From Crimea to…

The crisis in Ukraine may lead to unpredictable consequences inside Russia—from another perestroika to complete collapse.

Solving the Russia Problem

After the end of the Cold War, the West neglected the task of solving the “Russia problem” through integration. Trying to solve it now through economic warfare is not going to work.

Will the Indian Ballot Solve the Country’s Economic Problems?

The Indian parliamentary election is in full swing. The name of the future prime minister and the party he will represent are not all that important. It is far more important to the voters that the new government be efficient and professional.

Ukraine: Weekend Rendez-Vous With History

Sunday’s events put Ukraine on the brink of civil war. However, there is still a chance to prevent the worst, but it can only be used when those calling political shots inside and outside Ukraine rise to their responsibility.

Putin’s Crimean Conquest Pushes Russia to an Anti-Modernization Course

The seizure of Crimea is Putin’s personal conquest, as well as a dramatic reinforcement of his regime of personal power. For now Putin has succeeded in halting Russia’s social and economic modernization and has pushed Russia to an anti-modernization course.

On Crimea’s Annexation. How Long Will Putin’s “Judo Diplomacy” Keep Working?

In Crimea, Putin will face the financial burden which the annexation will incur. Crimea’s case may seem to be manageable at first, but the expenditure will absorb all money and Russia’s already dwindling investment will be brought to nil.

Georgia Bucks Emerging Markets Downward Trend

  • Michael Cecire
With signs of a stabler political climate and growing investments in Georgia facilitated by two big funds, it’s not out of the question that 2014 could see the return of the “Caucasian tiger.”

Ukraine’s Long Odds

The Western media’s focus on Russia has ignored the fact that it was Ukraine’s revolution, made in Ukraine by Ukrainians. But now Ukraine’s domestic politics is full of uncertainty.

Ukraine—Glimmer of Hope, but Many Unanswered Questions

The compromise between Yanukovych and the leaders of the opposition is a long-overdue step back from a disaster, but much remains unclear. Ukraine will face a set of grim prospects, the worst of which is that the country is running out of money.
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