War and Peace in the Caucasus


Terror on the Volga

The war the terrorists are waging against Russia is for real, and their threats are not empty. Sochi is probably highest on the terrorists’ hit list, and Moscow is another prime target. However, for the time being, the terrorists have focused on some of the softer targets in the south of Russia.

Peace on Earth (Well, in Europe Anyway)

By pretty much any historical standards, the wider Europe at the dawn of 2014 is incredibly peaceful. However, peace in Europe should be a signal not for Panglossian optimism but for redoubled Europeans to be vigilant against the risk of new conflicts, large and small.

What’s Next After the Vilnius Summit?

From Tbilisi’s perspective, deeper integration with the EU is a policy trajectory that enjoys consensual support, in a political landscape that is otherwise not prone to consensus politics. Now, the post-Vilnius challenge is to retain this legitimacy and continue to develop qualitative anchorage.

Awkward in Yerevan

The Armenians can use Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s visit to vent some of their frustrations with Turkey—and then get back to talking again.

Georgia: Rolling up Its Sleeves on Local Government Reform

  • Michael Cecire
The new Georgian government’s proposed legislation would dramatically decentralize power exercised by the center. Should this bill pass in a meaningful form, Georgian democracy and economic development might seriously benefit.

No to Europe, But No Customs Union Either?

As the focus is all on Putin's effort to reshape his neighborhood this week, a Kazakh and a Belarusian silence is an awkward reminder that the Eurasian Union was supposed to be a collaborative project and that the more Putin grabs the headlines, the less that is the case.

Europe Tomorrow Depends on Vilnius Today: A View From Tbilisi

Georgia has been ready for any and every subsequent step that paves the way toward anchorage with the project of European Integration.

Back to Business in Georgia

Now Tbilisi should concentrate on the main issue that preoccupies most Georgians: how to get the economy back on track.

Georgia on Russia’s Mind?

Now that Saakashvili is finally history, the chances that Russia will soon take an active interest in Georgia are going up. This would concern the settlement of the main issue in Georgian-Russian relations—the status of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

A Changing Skyline in Azerbaijan

Ilham Aliyev is attempting modernization without wholesale political reform. Most of the veterans of the Azerbaijani elite remain in their jobs, including the elderly prime minister and presidential chief of staff. The skyline is changing in Baku, but so far the street-plan remains the same.
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