Energy Security


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    Now Is the Time to Reach Out to Japan

    Japan has been hit by the most powerful earthquake in recorded history and many countries, including Russia, have offered assistance. Russia should give Japan all the help it needs during this terrifying experience.

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    After Fukushima: Early Implications for Nuclear Industry and Policy Makers

    Amidst the drama of the worst seismic catastrophe in Japan’s recorded history, the Japanese government and its nuclear industry have been struggling to prevent a power reactor core melt accident similar to that which occurred at Three Mile Island in the United States three decades ago.

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    Japan's Ongoing Nuclear Crisis

    The fire in the spent fuel pool in Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and the explosion inside another reactor have opened more pathways for radiation to be released, prompting the nuclear industry to reconsider whether their designs for reactors are sufficient to withstand significant natural disasters.

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    Reduce Risk of Nuclear Energy

    While public concerns about the safety of nuclear energy have resurfaced in the wake of the crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, the case for nuclear power remains strong.

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    Understanding Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

    In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake and tsunami, Japan is scrambling to avert further problems at damaged nuclear plants.

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    Russia-Turkey: A Farewell to Arms

    In the past 20 years, there has been a major, and positive, turnaround in the Russo-Turkish bilateral relationship.

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    Why the Car Market Isn't Green

    Low fuel prices and a lack of government incentives have hindered energy efficiency improvements in the Russian auto industry, but greening the country's vehicles is a necessary precursor to further economic modernization.

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    Yanukovych in Davos

    With emerging powers such as China, India, and Brazil capturing the limelight at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Ukraine seemed to have little to share with the world and even less to learn from it.

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    A Russian Solution to Europe’s Energy Problem

    Russia’s supply of natural gas could hold the answer to Europe’s energy challenge, but a successful partnership between Russia and Europe will require greater mutual trust.

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    The World in 2011

    Confronting the global challenges in 2011, from the ongoing war in Afghanistan and a rising China to continuing international economic turmoil, will require an understanding how much has changed and the extent to which the center of gravity in global power has shifted.

Carnegie Experts on
Energy Security

  • expert thumbnail - Gabuev
    Alexander Gabuev
    Senior Fellow and Chair
    Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program
    Moscow Center
    Gabuev is a senior fellow and the chair of the Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
  • expert thumbnail - Movchan
    Andrey Movchan
    Nonresident Scholar
    Economic Policy Program
    Moscow Center
    Movchan is a nonresident scholar in the Economic Policy Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.

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