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William J. Burns Named Next Carnegie President

press release October 29, 2014

Ambassador William J. Burns, U.S. deputy secretary of state, will be Carnegie’s ninth president in its 105-year history. Jessica T. Mathews will step down after 18 years in the post.


Ukraine Votes: United in Diversity

Eurasia Outlook October 27, 2014

Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Ukraine have made it clear that the country’s political life is quite diverse, and voters are not partial to “united” solutions. The way forward is accepting diversity and working on decentralization, rather than forcing or imitating unity.


Is There an Answer for Syria?

New York Review of Books October 9, 2014

The rapid rise of the Islamic State means core assumptions driving policy on Syria must be rethought.


Exploring the Prospects for Russian-Turkish Cooperation in a Turbulent Neighborhood

Paper September 28, 2014

A high-level working group on Russian-Turkish regional cooperation sketches out a forward-looking approach to tackling shared challenges.


Engaging China in Nuclear Arms Control

Article October 9, 2014

In spite of all the difficulties, it appears possible to engage China gradually in the nuclear arms limitation process. However, not only Beijing but also the United States and Russia must revise their military policies.


Putin Has Fought His Way Into a Corner

Financial Times September 29, 2014

President Putin has turned Russia into a war state, unleashing a process he cannot stop.


Collapse of the World Order?

Russia in Global Affairs September 23, 2014

The failed unipolar world is being replaced with a polycentric world order based on several major centers of power. Russia can become a full-fledged global center of power only if it moves to a high-tech economy and implements democratic reforms.

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