Asia-Pacific Security


Indian Cyber Front

Over the past few years, India has been paying increasing attention to the threats of crime, terrorism, and espionage in cyberspace.

All Quiet on the Eastern Front: Equilibrium Ad Interim in East Asia

While dreadful news continues to pour out of Ukraine and the Middle East, East Asia appears to have found an equilibrium—at least for the time being.

Why Does Russia’s Strategy in Asia Fail?

The current political crisis in Russia’s relations with the West gives a strong impetus to Russian rapprochement with Asian countries. However, many analysts are of the opinion that no significant progress in this area has been achieved as of yet.

Looking Back on 2014 (Part II)

2014 was a year of crisis. Ebola, ISIS, and Donbas are now part of the global lexicon. Eurasia Outlook experts weigh in on how crises on Russia’s periphery affected the country, and what these developments mean for Moscow in 2015.

2014: Russia’s New Military Doctrine Tells It All

As one of his final acts in 2014, President Putin signed on December 26 the country’s new military doctrine. The new doctrine makes it clear that even if the West is not officially an adversary, it is a powerful competitor and a bitter rival, a source of most of military risks and threats.

European Perspectives of the “New Turkey”

  • Pavel Shlykov
President Erdogan strives to find a sound strategy to minimize the current risks in foreign affairs. Despite resentment of the EU and the current stagnation of Turkey’s accession process, the EU retains its influence over Turkey because of the Turkish economy’s great dependence on the EU.

Russia’s Pivot to Asia: Is It Good for Russia and Is It Successful?

Many are talking about Russia’s pivot eastward, but is it working? Eurasia Outlook posed the question to some leading experts in the field in order to gather some thoughts about the policy’s effectiveness.

Vladimir Putin’s Annual Address and Its Message

Several Carnegie experts from different offices discuss the significance of Putin’s address to the future of Russia and its role in the international community.

What Do You Expect from Vladimir Putin’s Visit to India?

What do you expect from Vladimir Putin’s visit to India? Eurasia Outlook posed the question to some leading experts in the field in order to gather some predictions about the meeting’s significance to Russia-India relations moving forward.

Strategic Partnership Without Strategy?

Russia and India should initiate the creation of a roadmap for developing Russian-Indian relations. Without a binding roadmap, the “strategic partnership” will remain nothing but pretty window dressing that conceals the absence of strategy.
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