New Eastern Europe


The New Adventures of Old Ukraine

Ukraine is facing a serious threat which appears to lie within the country’s own domestic politics.

Glimpsing the Frontline in Eastern Ukraine

The video bulletins from the conflict zone in Ukraine produced by Simon Ostrovsky demonstrate that this country is a perfect trial bed for new forms of journalism.

Will Ukraine Bring Finland Into NATO?

The current situation in Ukraine has intensified the long-simmering debate in Finland about joining NATO.

Is Russia Pursuing Its Own Ink Spot Strategy in Eastern Ukraine?

A counter-insurgency strategy from Iraq and Afghanistan may be proving effective as a tool of Russian or pro-Russian insurgency in Eastern Ukraine.

East Ukraine: The Revenge of Yanukovych?

Kyiv’s anti-separatist operation could isolate and limit separatist forces in Eastern Ukraine, while the government attempts to deliver financial and economic assistance to the East, which is vital to Kyiv’s ability to reassert itself in the region.

The Russian State Power and the Ukrainian Human Factor

Russia will likely succeed in holding sway over Ukraine and turning this country into its buffer zone, but it cannot secure itself from the people’s resentment and resistance.

The Mystery of Russian Strategy for Ukraine

One could only guess what Russia’s real goal in Ukraine is. However, sooner or later Moscow will need to deal with someone in Kyiv, and will need a political strategy to end the crisis.

Ukraine: Weekend Rendez-Vous With History

Sunday’s events put Ukraine on the brink of civil war. However, there is still a chance to prevent the worst, but it can only be used when those calling political shots inside and outside Ukraine rise to their responsibility.

Japan Looks at Ukraine and Fears Czechoslovakia, 1948

Japan makes judgment about Ukraine in the context of her balancing game among the United States, Russia, and China. However, if Moscow sends troops to Eastern Ukraine, the Japanese political class will unanimously support serious measures to stop Russia.

India The Abstainer

The challenges New Delhi faces inside the country and along its borders do not allow it to fully support the Russian annexation of Crimea, since this would create a precedent that can be used against India’s own territorial integrity. However, India could not denounce Russia either, because it acted similarly four decades ago.
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