New Eastern Europe


Is There a Solution?

  • Sergei Aleksashenko
Ukraine’s position as an important transport corridor for Russian gas has resulted in various periods of conflict between Ukraine and Russian-state owned gas companies. But, even though both recognize they will not reach a long-term agreement quickly, one can easily see that the number of disagreements between them is not great. Both realize the need to compromise.

Midsummer Blues

MH17 may well be a turning point in the Ukraine conflict, but President Putin remains unlikely to back down despite economic pressure from the West. Russians may look back to the summer of 2014 years from now as a game changer.

Malaysia and Ukraine

The downing of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane over Eastern Ukraine catapults the crisis there onto the global plane. The tragic and sudden loss of so many innocent lives should put a final point to the armed conflict—or it may put the international conflict over Ukraine on a much higher and more dangerous level.

EU and Ukraine: Bumpy Road Ahead

Ukraine is certainly a different country compared to seven months ago. The challenges of implementing the EU Association Agreement that it signed on June 27 are still tremendous, though. Reform, management of expectations, and reality is what is needed now.

Putin’s U(kraine)-Turn

It seems the Kremlin is making a U-turn in its Ukraine policy. Although it appears that Putin has acquired a legitimate partner in Poroshenko with whom he can reach agreements, both must walk a very fine line given their respective domestic political situations. Ultimately, the ball is in Putin’s court.

For Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia Free Trade with Europe and Russia Is Possible

  • Sergei Aleksashenko
There are few if any reasons for Russia to worry about an immediate negative impact on trade and economic interests of signing of the AA/DCFTA by Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. The Russian government’s position is more likely to reflect concerns about the loss of geopolitical influence rather than trade and economic relations.

21st Century Great Game as a New Normal

The 25-year-long quest for Russia's integration with the West is off. A new normalcy is setting between Russia and the West resembles the Russo-British Great Game of the 19th century—this time between America and Russia.

How Long Russians Will Believe in Fairy Tale?

Russian state and national identity are still based on the search for the enemy. However, the patriotic euphoria that followed Crimea has begun to wear off. As the Kremlin attempts to understand what to do next in Ukraine, it has become clear that Russians are not prepared to pay for it with their lives.

Coup d’Etat in Abkhazia Without Russia’s Permission

The coup d’état in Abkhazia attracted virtually no media attention in Russia, and even less attention was paid to the parliamentary election in South Ossetia. It seems that after almost six years of Abkhazian and South Ossetian “independence,” these territories stopped being Russia’s headache, only to be replaced by Crimea.

Poroshenko’s Team: Managers of the Nation?

Ukraine needs strong, loyal managers in order to face the long and daunting list of tasks confronting the country. However, to move Ukraine forward the president and his team will need to put aside their own ambitions.
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