New Eastern Europe


    • Event

    A Discussion with the OSCE Secretary General

    Ambassador de Brichambaut, secretary general of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), discussed the organization's activities and challenges over the last six years and reflected on current challenges facing the OSCE and the broader Euro-Atlantic community.

    • Op-Ed

    How Can The EU's Eastern Partnership Project Succeed?

    In order for the EU to succeed in promoting political and economic reform in several eastern European countries, it must find a way to offer significant incentives to the political elites of those nations even as it withholds the possibility of EU membership.

    • Op-Ed

    EU Expansion: Dead in the Water?

    Promoting democracy in the six post-Soviet countries in Eastern Europe that were designated by the European Union as deserving special attention will require the EU to offer incentives for implementing reforms.

    • Op-Ed

    EU and Ukraine: Trade is Not the Main Issue

    A legally binding free-trade agreement could be a key instrument in the EU's efforts to push Ukraine to reform.

    • Testimony

    Belarus: Crushing Human Rights at Home?

    Following December’s presidential election in Belarus, which European observers said failed to meet international standards, Alexander Lukashenka claimed an implausible landslide victory and launched a wave of political repression.

    • Op-Ed

    A Man of the Oligarchs

    Amid growing concern over Viktor Yanukovych’s policies, the question remains to what extent the current political set-up in Ukraine can withstand international and domestic pressure.

    • Event

    Belarus: Back to Isolation?

    • Alexei Pikulik, Rodger Potocki, Lawrence Silverman, Matthew Rojansky
    • March 17, 2011
    • Washington, D.C.

    The recent presidential election in Belarus, followed by a crackdown on the opposition by President Aleksandr Lukashenka’s government, has strained relations between Minsk and the West.

    • Op-Ed

    Moldova's Moment

    Although U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden’s visit to Moldova can do much to highlight the country’s potential and to support progress already under way, the solutions to the country's lingering problems will depend on political will and creative thinking from Chisinau.

    • Think Again: Arab Democracy

      While the wave of political change sweeping through the Arab world is reminiscent of the political upheaval in Central and Eastern Europe in 1989, historical analogies cannot capture the complex and dramatic events occurring or predict how this change will end.

      • Article

      Viktor Yanukovych: A Man of the Oligarchs

      There is widespread concern both inside Ukraine and in the international community about the country’s course as fears grow that Viktor Yanukovych’s policies are rolling back Ukraine’s political freedoms.

    Carnegie Experts on
    New Eastern Europe

    • expert thumbnail - Baunov
      Alexander Baunov
      Senior Fellow
      Editor in Chief of
      Moscow Center
      Baunov is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center and editor in chief of
    • expert thumbnail - Movchan
      Andrey Movchan
      Nonresident Scholar
      Economic Policy Program
      Moscow Center
      Movchan is a nonresident scholar in the Economic Policy Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
    • expert thumbnail - Samorukov
      Maxim Samorukov
      Deputy Editor of
      Moscow Center
      Samorukov is a fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center and deputy editor of
    • expert thumbnail - Trenin
      Dmitri Trenin
      Moscow Center
      Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, has been with the center since its inception. He also chairs the research council and the Foreign and Security Policy Program.

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