• Event

    Post-Imperium: A Eurasian Story

    Twenty years after the end of the Soviet Union, Moscow should drop the notion of creating an exclusive power center in the post-Soviet space.

    • Op-Ed

    No Need to Reset the Reset

    Putin’s return to the Russian presidency will not undo the U.S.-Russia reset, but it will change the dynamics of the relationship between Moscow and Washington.

    • Q&A

    Putin’s Return

    Putin’s new term will largely bring a continuation of the status quo and while his grip on power will arouse anxieties in the West, he will not undo the U.S.-Russia reset.

    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    The Implications of Putin's Return

    If Russian Prime Minister Putin is elected Russia’s next president, it will likely not have a significant impact on the success of the reset in U.S.-Russian bilateral relations.

    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    Putin Announces that He Will Seek New Term as President

    Given that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has probably been involved in the U.S.-Russian reset in bilateral relations, a high degree of continuity in Russian policy toward the United States is likely when he becomes president.

    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    Putin’s Return as Russia’s President

    Putin’s expected return to the Kremlin comes as little surprise, but it raises questions about President Medvedev’s future, the role of the Russian prime minister, and the nature of the U.S.-Russia relationship.

    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    What Will a Medvedev-Putin Swap Mean for U.S.-Russia Relations?

    Although Washington invested in Dmitry Medvedev as Russian president, they also kept in mind the power of Vladimir Putin. With Putin’s decision to return to the presidency in 2012, communication between the two capitals is likely to become more streamlined and straightforward.

    • Op-Ed

    First the Reshuffle, Then the Kremlin Vote

    In Russia, an increasing number of personnel changes are taking place in anticipation of the upcoming presidential election in March.

    • Op-Ed

    The Poltavchenko Play

    The political logic behind the decision to replace St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko with Georgy Poltavchenko, the non-charismatic presidential envoy to the Central Federal District, remains unclear.

    • Op-Ed

    Russian Liberal’s Standpoint

    Russian liberals, like many of their counterparts across Russian society, need to set aside their patronizing attitude toward Ukraine and their longing for the historical might of the Soviet Union.

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  • expert thumbnail - Baunov
    Alexander Baunov
    Senior Fellow
    Editor in Chief of
    Carnegie Moscow Center
    Baunov is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center and editor in chief of
  • expert thumbnail - Gaaze
    Konstantin Gaaze
    Konstantin Gaaze is a sociologist, and a journalist.
  • expert thumbnail - Kolesnikov
    Andrei Kolesnikov
    Senior Fellow and Chair
    Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions Program
    Carnegie Moscow Center
    Kolesnikov is a senior fellow and the chair of the Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
  • expert thumbnail - Movchan
    Andrey Movchan
    Nonresident Scholar
    Economic Policy Program
    Carnegie Moscow Center
    Movchan is a nonresident scholar in the Economic Policy Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
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    Maxim Samorukov
    Deputy Editor of
    Carnegie Moscow Center
    Samorukov is a fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center and deputy editor of
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    Tatiana Stanovaya
    Nonresident Scholar
    Carnegie Moscow Center
    Tatiana Stanovaya is a nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Moscow Center.

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