• Article

    Russia: Stable but Critical

    Russia’s next president must improve financial regulation and reduce the country’s dependence on oil revenue in order to prevent economic growth from deteriorating in the coming years.

    • Op-Ed

    United Russia's Primaries

    The regional primaries for the State Duma elections in December demonstrate a growing intra-party democracy and political competition that will likely aid United Russia in holding onto its Duma majority, although it will not solve the problem of United Russia’s declining legitimacy.

    • Policy Outlook

    Russia in Mid-2011

    Russia’s recovery from the global economic crisis has been slow, constrained by a number of economic and political structural problems. Until they are resolved, these issues will continue to hinder Russia’s development.

    • Op-Ed

    Not Riding Tandem

    While the proposals put forward by President Dmitry Medvedev in a recent speech were new and original, the speech also reinforced his image as a president who makes bold statements but takes little action.

    • Op-Ed

    Fresh Faces for United Russia

    The All-Russia People’s Front, a creation of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, may succeed in bringing fresh faces into Russian government, but its primary role is to reinforce Putin’s role as national leader.

    • Event

    EU-Russia Forum

    • June 07, 2011
    • Brussels

    Too often, debate on the relationship between Europe and Russia is driven by events—including elections, changes in leadership, and summits—which may provide important policy openings but do not always allow for thoughtful consideration of the long-term factors that shape the relationship.

    • Op-Ed

    No Place Left for Medvedev

    While Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has shown no signs of being willing to leave power after the 2012 presidential elections, it looks increasingly like there will be no role for President Dmitry Medvedev in the post-election era.

    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    Putin Considers Run for Russian Presidency

    If Prime Minister Putin decides to run in Russia's 2012 presidential elections, there will be wide-ranging implications for both Russia and the international community.

    • Op-Ed

    Putin’s Best Trick Yet

    In advance of the 2012 presidential election, Vladimir Putin seeks to convince the world that the rift between him and incumbent Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is growing. But there is no evidence that any real power is starting to move Medvedev’s way, and he is not ready to challenge Putin.

    • Op-Ed

    Putin the Populist President

    Although Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is aware of the serious problems facing Russia, his address to the State Duma ignored Russia’s existing challenges and instead offered grand promises for the future with the apparent aim of positioning himself for the 2012 presidential elections.

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    Konstantin Gaaze is a sociologist, and a journalist.
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