Israel’s raid on a flotilla of humanitarian aid has brought global attention to the situation in the Gaza Strip. Dmitri Trenin discussed the flotilla incident and its implications for Israel and the international community with Al Gurnov of Russia Today.

The purpose of Israel’s blockade, Trenin explained, is to prevent Hamas from acquiring arms and ammunitions. Trenin suggested that domestic forces within Turkey had their own interests in the success or failure of the flotilla, and might have anticipated a political benefit when Israel was provoked into an armed attack on the flotilla, resulting in nine deaths. A thorough international investigation that looks at the broader picture and beyond the events that transpired on the ship is necessary, Trenin concluded.

Turning to the growing tension between Israel and Iran, Trenin suggested that war could break out between the two nations if Iran sends its own flotilla, with Iranian revolutionary guards on board ready to provoke Israel into another violent response. He also noted that the Middle East is close to slipping into war. If Iran is intent on provoking Israel, Trenin stated, there is little that can be done to prevent conflict.