Russian Ideology


Heirs of the ’93 Russian White House

The leaders of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Borodai and Igor Strelkov, are both Russian citizens who worked for the intelligence services, fought in Chechnya, spent time in Transnistria and worked for the ultra-nationalist newspaper, Zavtra. Putin must know that they have become a toxic liability.

Shevardnadze’s Place in Russian History

President Shevardnadze belongs to the people of Georgia. At the same time, Foreign Minister Shevardnadze will forever remain a major figure in Russia’s history, because he helped wind down the Cold War.

Russia Day—Independence From Itself?

On June 12, Russia is celebrating its national day, but the date continues to confuse Russians. It is on this day that Russia tries to celebrate its sovereignty without raising the uncomfortable question: sovereignty from whom?

Anti-Fascism and Its Discontents

The message in Moscow is that Ukraine has been taken over by “Fascists” and neo-Nazis: if the enemies are Fascists, then all means for combatting them are acceptable.

From Afghanistan to Gorbachev, and From Crimea to…

The crisis in Ukraine may lead to unpredictable consequences inside Russia—from another perestroika to complete collapse.

Will Ukraine Bring Finland Into NATO?

The current situation in Ukraine has intensified the long-simmering debate in Finland about joining NATO.

Georgia in Ferment

Despite the fact that political feuds continue, there is a clear political consensus in Georgia on a European path.

Playing the Compatriot Card

It is not clear whether “protection of compatriots” is a new foreign-policy goal Putin intends to apply elsewhere—or whether he is just using any weapon he can to undermine the new authorities in Kyiv. In any case, playing the “compatriot card” is a dangerous game.

Ukraine: Law of Unintended Consequences Illustrated, Part II

Ukraine became the place where the open crisis of the post-Soviet model occurred. This means that the country may become only the first stage in the chain of future collapses. Also, with Russian invasion in Ukraine the entire international system that came into being after 1991 is starting to crumble.

As the Olympics Come to an End, So Does the Post-Soviet Space

The collapse of the Yanukovych regime in Ukraine became another posthumous chapter in the breakup of the Soviet Union. It will severely curtail Russia’s leadership ambitions in the post-Soviet space.
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