Hybrid War: Russia vs. the West


Russia vs. the West: End of Round One

The D-Day anniversary celebrations have marked a new quality of the West’s relations with Russia. Putin is obviously playing from a position of weakness vis-à-vis the joint forces of the West. The first round has shown it has a chance, but more difficult rounds lie ahead.

The Sanctions Crossroads

The first three months of U.S.-led sanctions did not cause yet deep-seated problems for Russian economy. Regardless, the stakes for Russia are very high. Like the proverbial ancient warrior, it is standing at a crossroads now.

The Ukrainian Crisis and Iranian Negotiations

A number of complex questions remain unresolved as negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program enter their final stage. The main question is whether the cooperation between Russia and the West would continue at the previous levels in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine.

Elections Mark the End of the Ukraine Conflict’s First Stage

The May 25 presidential vote has marked the end of the first phase of the Ukraine crisis, which will continue to reshape the global strategic landscape. For Russia important result of the crisis is pivot to Asia.

What to Expect of the Syrian Presidential Elections?

The June 3 Syrian vote is unlikely to radically change or improve the situation in the country. Rather, Bashar al-Assad’s re-election may only worsen it.

Germany: A Leader or a Follower?

Germany is Europe’s sole emerging power, and potentially a power in Eurasia, and Ukraine is a good place to start working toward its new role. For starters, Germany needs to stop thinking of Ukraine as a U.S.-Russian issue, and assume responsibility there on behalf of the EU as a whole.

Russia and China: The Russian Liberals’ Revenge

Since the 1990s, warnings from Russian liberals that Western pressure would push Russia toward China have failed to materialize. Now, however, faced with U.S.-led geopolitical pressure in Eastern Europe and East Asia, Russia and China are likely to cooperate more closely.

Understanding the Risks of Sanctioning Russian Oil

Sanctioning Russia’s oil remains on the table, but playing this card comes with serious economic risk for all.

From Afghanistan to Gorbachev, and From Crimea to…

The crisis in Ukraine may lead to unpredictable consequences inside Russia—from another perestroika to complete collapse.

Ukraine Burning

After the May 25 poll, a new president of Ukraine will hardly inaugurate stability. One can only hope that Ukraine decides its future before it turns into a burnt-out case.
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