Ukrainian Revolution Can Be a Blessing in Disguise for Russia, but Dangers Remain

Ukraine’s “February revolution” is sometimes described as a major blow to Russia and to President Vladimir Putin, personally. In fact, it may be a blessing in disguise for both.

Cognitive Dissonance in Russian Politics

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s article on Ukraine demonstrates that the Russian regime is simultaneously making conflicting statements and moving in opposite directions.

Collapse of Russia’s Image in Germany: Who Is to Blame?

  • Hannes Adomeit
Since Vladimir Putin’s image has deteriorated in Germany, that of Russia has as well. What would help would be serious changes of policy.

After the Sochi Games: Russia Remains With Itself

Just as any grand event, the Sochi Olympics will soon be over and Russia will remain with itself. Its prospects are uncertain since the economic growth has dropped and the Kremlin’s policy has shifted toward social conservatism.

In Sochi Don’t Mention the Word “Caucasus”

Though Sochi is located in the Caucasus, the planners of the Sochi Olympics failed to give the games any Caucasian flavor. It looks as though the North Caucasians have been factored into the planning of the games only in so far as they present a security headache.

The Russian National Hobby—to Build Potemkin Village

The Sochi Olympics are the Kremlin’s attempt to create the fairy tale myth of Russia that does not exist.

In Russia Political Power Is Above the Law

The aggravation of the human rights situation in today’s Russia is impossible to deny. What makes things worse is that in Russia the political power is above the law.

Sochi as a Showcase of Russia

The Sochi Olympics turned out to be a trap for Vladimir Putin. Instead of being a symbol of his glorious leadership, Sochi is becoming a symbol of corruption and instability.

Sochi: Russia in a Nutshell

The Sochi Games have put Russia under scrutiny of the world media. Eurasia Outlook has asked its contributors to look at different aspects of the current Russian reality through the prism of Sochi.

Russia’s Newly Designed Traditional Values

The anti-gay campaign may have helped the Kremlin to pit the conservative majority against the excessively modernized trouble-makers. But the wave of negative publicity this campaign is generating has taken a heavy toll on the image of Russia in general, and the Sochi Olympics in particular.
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