Ukraine: Law of Unintended Consequences Illustrated, Part II

Ukraine became the place where the open crisis of the post-Soviet model occurred. This means that the country may become only the first stage in the chain of future collapses. Also, with Russian invasion in Ukraine the entire international system that came into being after 1991 is starting to crumble.

Ukraine: Law of Unintended Consequences Illustrated

The Kremlin’s intervention in Crimea and direct involvement in the destabilization of the southeast of Ukraine exemplifies Putin’s Doctrine. This concept is based on the premise that Russia can only exist as the center of the galaxy surrounded by the satellite-statelets.

The Brink of War in Ukraine?

The possibility of a Russian military operation in Ukraine that is not limited to Crimea is real. Russia and the West are on the verge a confrontation far worse than over Georgia in 2008.

Crimea Crisis: Three Lessons From the Caucasus

Some kind of political crisis in Crimea looks almost inevitable. At the moment the priority has to be stop having a military one as well.

As the Olympics Come to an End, So Does the Post-Soviet Space

The collapse of the Yanukovych regime in Ukraine became another posthumous chapter in the breakup of the Soviet Union. It will severely curtail Russia’s leadership ambitions in the post-Soviet space.

Sochi: The Safe Games

Although Russia has failed to get at the Winter Olympics the one prize it particularly coveted, the ice hockey title, it managed to win a far more important victory—in ensuring that the Games, the athletes, and spectators were safe. However, making Russia safer remains a challenge.

Ukrainian Revolution Can Be a Blessing in Disguise for Russia, but Dangers Remain

Ukraine’s “February revolution” is sometimes described as a major blow to Russia and to President Vladimir Putin, personally. In fact, it may be a blessing in disguise for both.

Cognitive Dissonance in Russian Politics

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s article on Ukraine demonstrates that the Russian regime is simultaneously making conflicting statements and moving in opposite directions.

Collapse of Russia’s Image in Germany: Who Is to Blame?

  • Hannes Adomeit
Since Vladimir Putin’s image has deteriorated in Germany, that of Russia has as well. What would help would be serious changes of policy.

After the Sochi Games: Russia Remains With Itself

Just as any grand event, the Sochi Olympics will soon be over and Russia will remain with itself. Its prospects are uncertain since the economic growth has dropped and the Kremlin’s policy has shifted toward social conservatism.
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