Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions

Current political affairs and long-term trends – including the evolution of Russia’s leadership structure – are studied in depth and in comparative context. The program studies Russia’s political institutions, shifting balances of power between the federal center and the regions, changing public attitudes towards democracy, and theoretical issues of politics, economics, power and business.

    • Op-Ed

    Navalny Has Exposed the Russian Prime Minister’s Corruption. Now What?

    “Medvedevgate” will be forgotten quickly, however, an after-effect will remain, if only because this story revealed the political and economic workings of Russia’s current elite. It provided an inside look at how money and luxury serve as the lifeblood animating Russia’s body politic.

    • Commentary

    The Benefits of Living in Russia’s Hybrid State

    It’s completely rational for the elites to avoid change, although it betrays their inability to look beyond the horizon. They are not frightened enough by the current stagnation to initiate changes in the system for their own sake. But what they do fear greatly is losing everything all at once by pulling some crumbling brick out of the system, causing the whole construction to come crashing down.

    • Op-Ed

    Why Russians Say Yes

    The president embodies the ambitions of a country that is proud of its history and means to retain its role within the international community.

    • Op-Ed

    Hawks vs. Doves: Who Will Dominate in the Kremlin Before the 2018 Elections?

    Putin is creating the environment that can provide him with security and insurance and control the wars with the Kremlin’s inner circle. Russia’s political elites have already received a lot of signals from him: If somebody behaves in a wrong way, he will be either dismissed or accused of corruption.

    • Article

    Another Rubber Stamp Duma?

    The 2016 parliamentary campaign isn’t just a test run for the 2018 presidential race. Russia’s political regime is in search of a governing model that will help it sustain the status quo for the foreseeable future.

    • Op-Ed

    All the President’s Little Men

    The presidency is the only institution in Russia today that has not been hollowed out, so it is the president who will make all major political decisions. Everyone else is just a liaison officer.

    • Commentary

    Out With the Old, In With the New for Russia’s Political Elite

    Putin won’t take all the members of the old guard with him in 2018. They will be replaced by a generation of special service operatives, security guards, and technocrat-apparatchiks in their forties and fifties, who will stand by Putin in 2018 and beyond

    • Op-Ed

    Playing the Long Game: Why Putin Won't Call a Snap Presidential Election

    Putin drew several conclusions from the mass protests of 2011-2012. They convinced him that the mandate he received from “the people,” is much more important than the views of the small and overly outspoken segment of progressive citizens.

    • Commentary

    Why are Russians Ignoring the DNC Hack?

    Even if Putin didn’t know about the cyber initiative, what‘s truly important is that he is seen as omnipotent by the media and the politicians in the West. Perhaps the blame is undeserved, and Putin’s power is once again being overstated. But that’s the price you pay for creating a political system where everything hinges on the whims of one man.

    • Article

    Do Russians Want War?

    War and terrorism have become increasingly routine facts of life in Russia. Since 2014, this reality has become an essential tool for stimulating popular support for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carnegie Experts on
Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions

  • expert thumbnail - Kolesnikov
    Andrei Kolesnikov
    Senior Associate and Chair
    Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions Program
    Moscow Center
    Kolesnikov is a senior associate and the chair of the Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
  • Viktoria Shapovalova
    Program Coordinator
    Moscow Center

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