China’s Way 瞭華

    • Commentary

    The Yuan’s Russian Vacation: Why Chinese Tourism Barely Benefits Russia’s Budget

    Contrary to popular belief, Chinese tourism generates very little revenue for the Russian economy. The reason lies in the inner workings of the Chinese tourist economy in Russia, in which visitors are limited to package tours where most payments are made in China or through Chinese banks. The Russian authorities should recognize this problem and stop treating Chinese tourism as the new engine of economic growth.

    • Op-Ed

    Belt and Road to Where?

    • Alexander Gabuev
    • December 08, 2017
    • Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific

    Setting aside the shortcomings of the Belt and Road concept, the “OBOR hype’ around the world points to a real and fundamental trend — the ascent of China as a truly global economic and military power.

    • Op-Ed

    China and Russia’s Dangerous Entente

    Chinese and Russian leaders won’t always agree, but their deepening cooperation and mistrust of the U.S. is here to stay. Unfortunately, American leaders have shown few signs that they know how to navigate this new reality, let alone manage the competition among great powers as non-Western countries grown in stature.

    • Event

    Why Conventional Economic Wisdom on China Is Wrong

    Carnegie’s Yukon Huang presented his new book which provides a holistic and contrarian view of China’s major economic, political, and foreign policy issues.

    • Commentary

    Why China Censored Material About Putin on Social Media

    China’s brief ban on social media posts mentioning Putin sheds light not only on Chinese Internet regulation but also on broader elements of Xi Jinping’s political system.

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    Russia and China Join Forces in Attempt to Dominate the Skies

    Considering the close attention that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are paying to their countries’ joint jumbo jet project, it is clearly political. Russia and China have grand ambitions: they want their own civil aviation industries to be on a par with those of industry leaders like the United States and France. Moscow and Beijing are willing to team up for the sake of these ambitions, since neither can catch up to Boeing or Airbus on its own.

    • Op-Ed

    Donald Trump Is the Odd Man Out With Putin and Xi

    Mr Putin and Mr Xi have found an unlikely ally in Mr Trump. The latter’s clumsy approach to foreign policy and fractious relations with long-time allies leave the west poorly equipped to push back.

    • Commentary

    Keeping Moscow Focused on China

    Now that Chinese big investment projects have all but dried up, Moscow risks turning its attention away from Asia. Once again, Russia may miss the opportunity to profit from one of the world’s largest markets—and an especially important one for Russia in light of continuing Western sanctions.

    • Op-Ed

    Why Forecasts of a Chinese Takeover of the Russian Far East Are Just Dramatic Myth

    There may be tensions in the Beijing-Moscow partnership, but reverse migration trends among Chinese workers prove that worries about China’s potential conquest of the Russian Far East are unfounded.

    • Commentary

    The Chimera of Chinese Investment in Russia’s Far East Ports

    China has no port of its own on the Sea of Japan, and Russia could use this to its advantage. But for Russia to attract Chinese cargo, it is essential to simplify customs controls and seriously invest in roads and ports. Considering that both of these factors are Russia’s responsibility, the completion of the Primorye transport corridors has been stalled for a long time.

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