New Eastern Europe


Poland's Post-Vilnius Role in Ukraine

  • Paweł Dariusz Wiśniewski
The time is now for Poland to support a peaceful dialogue between the Ukrainian opposition and President Yanukovych. It is also time for Warsaw to make the EU more aware that stability and peaceful transition in Ukraine is of crucial importance for the whole European security.

No to Europe, But No Customs Union Either?

As the focus is all on Putin's effort to reshape his neighborhood this week, a Kazakh and a Belarusian silence is an awkward reminder that the Eurasian Union was supposed to be a collaborative project and that the more Putin grabs the headlines, the less that is the case.

Money Matters of the Association Agreement

  • Julie Leighton
Regarding finances, the Russian government has used three methods to keep the Ukrainians from signing the Association Agreement with the EU: bullying, bribery, and defending Russian national interests.

It Is Ukraine Again

The current Ukrainian awakening is a test for Europe and its ability to reenergize itself and acquire a mission to help find Ukraine a peaceful way out of the confrontation.

Europe Tomorrow Depends on Vilnius Today: A View From Tbilisi

Georgia has been ready for any and every subsequent step that paves the way toward anchorage with the project of European Integration.

Ukraine: Could It Have Been Different?

In the run-up to the Vilnius summit, the EU could have played its hand better and could have gone the extra mile with Moscow to demonstrate to Russia and the world its good intentions.

Who Has Prevented Ukraine From Moving Toward Europe?

The Vilnius summit may be successful only if Europe analyzes the Ukrainian lesson and the EU’s own strategic faults, and if it decides to reinvent its current Eastern Partnership model.

Kiev’s Decision Gives EU More Time and Lays a Trap for Russia

The Ukrainian government’s suspension of the EU association process has come as a bombshell to many. However, it is Russia, ironically, who needs to be wary of this decision.

The Georgian Experiment

The experiment of a peaceful power transfer in Georgia, if successful, will determine more than just the country’s future. It will reveal the possible trajectory of other post-Soviet states that will attempt to move toward an open society.

A Great Man Died

Tadeusz Mazowiecki, who was the first Polish non-communist prime minister, died on October 28. He will be remembered as a Man Who Helped to Open a New Era—and not only for Poland.
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