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U.S.-Russia Relations


Further improvements in the U.S.-Russian relationship would serve the interests of both countries, including by strengthening of Russia’s standing in the world, and would lay the foundation for solutions to such problems as collective security, nuclear nonproliferation, terrorism, energy security, the Iranian nuclear question, and the stabilization of Afghanistan.

  • Article
    Engaging China in Nuclear Arms Control
    Alexei Arbatov October 9, 2014

    In spite of all the difficulties, it appears possible to engage China gradually in the nuclear arms limitation process. However, not only Beijing but also the United States and Russia must revise their military policies.

  • Op-Ed
    Europe’s Nightmare Could Still Come True: A NATO-Russia War Over Ukraine
    Dmitri Trenin October 7, 2014 National Interest Русский

    The main players in the Ukrainian crisis have already achieved their most important objectives and can now well agree on a new provisional status quo. However, they must take urgent steps to avoid the danger of war.

  • Op-Ed
    Putin Has Fought His Way Into a Corner
    Lilia Shevtsova September 29, 2014 Financial Times Русский

    By turning Russia into a war state, President Putin has unleashed a process he cannot stop and made himself hostage to suicidal statecraft.

  • Op-Ed
    Collapse of the World Order?
    Alexei Arbatov September 23, 2014 Russia in Global Affairs Русский

    The failed unipolar world is being replaced with a polycentric world order based on several major centers of power. Russia can become a full-fledged global center of power only if it moves to a high-tech economy and implements democratic reforms.

  • Op-Ed
    Russia-West Rivalry Over Ukraine Is Higher Priority Than Security
    Dmitri Trenin, Pavel Koshkin September 15, 2014 Russia Direct

    Even a threat like Islamic terrorism won’t force Russia and the Unites States to make security collaboration a higher priority than geopolitical rivalry over Ukraine.

  • Op-Ed
    West’s Antics Pushing Russia Closer to China
    Dmitri Trenin September 12, 2014 China Daily

    The apparently long-term rupture of Russia’s relations with the West offers an opportunity to China to enhance its already close relationship with the Kremlin and thus turn the global geopolitical balance in its favor.

  • Op-Ed
    Putin Ends the Interregnum
    Lilia Shevtsova August 28, 2014 American Interest

    Vladimir Putin’s increasingly reckless interventions in Ukraine should force the West to reevaluate everything it thought it knew about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the past two decades of Western policy on Russia.

  • Op-Ed
    Can Germany Save Ukraine?
    Dmitri Trenin August 28, 2014 National Interest

    Berlin is critical to any future settlement of the Ukraine crisis. It is too difficult to reach a deal on the settlement, but the absence of any deal deemed minimally acceptable to all sides would steer Europe toward an abyss.

  • Op-Ed
    As US, EU Close Doors, China, Russia Open New Ones
    Dmitri Trenin August 24, 2014 Global Times 中文

    Russia’s efforts to find an acceptable place for itself in the U.S.-led Western system have ended in a bitter disappointment. The changing trading patterns point to a new era in Moscow’s foreign relations, in which Sino-Russian relations will be taking center stage.

  • Op-Ed
    NATO Enlargement 20 Years Later
    Eugene Rumer August 20, 2014 Carnegie Corporation of New York Русский

    Two decades after the debate about NATO enlargement pitted “NATO-firsters” against “Russia-firsters,” both sides have had reasons to say, “I told you so.” And they did.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    A Hereditary Disease
    Mikhail Krutikhin October 21, 2014

    The old Soviet “enemies-are-everywhere” mentality frequently leads Russian decision makers to losses and defeat.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    The West Should Not Reject Russia’s Assistance in Afghanistan
    Petr Topychkanov October 14, 2014

    If common sense prevails and the West resumes its cooperation with Russia, the consolidated response to security threats in Afghanistan will be far more effective than the current disjointed efforts by various countries.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Israeli-Russian Relations: An Interesting Dynamic
    Eugene Satanovsky September 23, 2014

    Israel will maintain its relations with the United States and the European Union, but it will also continue to develop its relations with Russia.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Worse Than the Cold War
    Alexei Arbatov September 16, 2014

    The growing hostility between the Russian and American societies accompanies the tensions in state bilateral relations.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Russia and China: “Together Like Teeth and Lips”
    Yury Tavrovsky September 8, 2014

    Western sanctions against Russia are driving the Kremlin toward closer economic, political, and potentially military alignment with China.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Perception as Policy
    Isaac Webb September 7, 2014

    With tensions running high and diplomacy struggling to find a way out of the Ukraine crisis, inflammatory rhetoric violates the first rule of foreign policy: do no harm.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Past Lessons and New Challenges
    Eugene Rumer September 1, 2014

    Europe’s and the United States’ principal challenge for the coming years is to develop a new strategy for dealing with Russia. This strategy will have to be built on a realistic understanding of Russia as it is, rather than on what the West would like it to be and hopes it will one day become.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    John Mroz, a Public Diplomat (1948-2014)
    Dmitri Trenin August 26, 2014

    John Mroz, who died earlier this month, was the founder of the EastWest Institute, a novel concept of a “think and do tank” which sought to organize Track 2 and Track 1.5 discussions across the Cold War divide. Mroz has departed precisely at the moment when the need for his services has peaked again.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Missile Seasoning Spices Up the Ukrainian Dish
    Alexei Arbatov August 19, 2014

    The tensions between Russia and the West heightened over the issues of compliance with the INF treaty. In this case, it would not be prudent for Russia to seriously compromise its long-term security yet again while pursuing tactical goals or relying on superficial arguments.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Hot Summer in Ukraine
    Balázs Jarábik August 8, 2014

    Ukraine’s political heat wave will last well into the coming fall and winter—unless Ukraine, the West, and Russia change their current course.


Carnegie Experts on U.S.-Russia Relations

  • Lilia Shevtsova
    Senior Associate
    Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions Program
    Moscow Center

    Shevtsova chairs the Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center, dividing her time between Carnegie’s offices in Washington, DC, and Moscow. She has been with Carnegie since 1995.

  • Dmitri Trenin
    Moscow Center

    Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, has been with the center since its inception. He also chairs the research council and the Foreign and Security Policy Program.


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