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    Macron’s Grand Gesture Toward Russia Might Just Pay Off

    By inviting Putin to Versailles, Macron threw his hat in the ring for the role of a new geopolitical leader in Europe. He made this decision in the context of not just bilateral relations but also France’s relations with the West and the EU. Macron is trying to demonstrate his ability to confront the bad guys, draw red lines, and differentiate between pragmatic objectives and overarching values.

    • Op-Ed

    Donald Trump’s Plan to Play Russia Against China Is a Fool’s Errand

    In its clumsy attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities of the Sino-Russian axis, the Trump administration misunderstands not only the strength of relations, but also its own desirability as a useful ally.

    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    Rethinking Russia

    The conflict between the United States and Russia is a conflict between dominance and leadership, as far the U.S. is concerned, and Russia’s yearning for a global oligarchy.

    • Op-Ed

    No Foreseeable Progress in US-Russia Ties

    The US-Russian relationship under Trump will mainly focus on reducing risks of collision, taking confidence-building measures, and engaging in other forms of war avoidance. Improved relations can only result from a change in the basic attitude of either of the two countries toward the other.

    • Testimony

    Perspectives on Russia

    • Dmitri Trenin, Alexander R. Vershbow, Rita E. Hauser, Paula Dobriansky
    • April 12, 2017
    • Council on Foreign Relations

    Experts provide insight on the internal politics of Russia, as well as the current state of U.S.-Russia relations.

    • Op-Ed

    Russia Needs American Help to Seal the Deal in Syria

    The risk of a confrontation has increased since Friday, but, paradoxically, greater American involvement in Syria may also bring about closer US-Russian co-operation there, leading eventually to a political settlement and an end to the bloody six-year civil war.

    • Carnegie.ru Commentary

    The Trump Effect and Russians’ Attitudes Toward the United States

    Russians’ fondness for Donald Trump doesn’t mean that anti-American sentiment has suddenly disappeared in Russia. But even though Trump’s election is unlikely to reverse decades of mistrust, his statements about improving relations with Russia have already had an impact on Russians’ attitudes toward the United States.

    • Article

    Remembering Reykjavik: A Nuclear History Lesson for Trump and Putin

    The Reykjavik summit from thirty years ago shows what can be done when two leaders, whose states are supposedly implacable enemies, take responsibility and act to enhance the world’s strategic stability and safety.

    • Op-Ed

    With Friends Like These...

    Trump’s arrival in the White House has put the worsening U.S.-Russian confrontation on hold, for now.

    • Op-Ed

    Trump’s Presidency: A New Opportunity for Russia in South Asia

    Even if Moscow wisely avoids a bid for the mediator role in South Asia, behind the scenes it could facilitate dialogue between India and Pakistan on bilateral issues.

Carnegie Experts on
New Cold War

  • expert thumbnail - Baunov
    Alexander Baunov
    Senior Fellow
    Editor in Chief of Carnegie.ru
    Moscow Center
    Baunov is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center and editor in chief of Carnegie.ru.
  • expert thumbnail - Dvorkin
    Vladimir Dvorkin
    Major General Dvorkin (retired) is a chief researcher at the Center for International Security at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations.
  • expert thumbnail - Gabuev
    Alexander Gabuev
    Senior Fellow and Chair
    Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program
    Moscow Center
    Gabuev is a senior fellow and the chair of the Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
  • expert thumbnail - Kolesnikov
    Andrei Kolesnikov
    Senior Fellow and Chair
    Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions Program
    Moscow Center
    Kolesnikov is a senior fellow and the chair of the Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
  • expert thumbnail - Movchan
    Andrey Movchan
    Senior Fellow and Director
    Economic Policy Program
    Moscow Center
    Movchan is a senior fellow and director of the Economic Policy Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.
  • expert thumbnail - Trenin
    Dmitri Trenin
    Moscow Center
    Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, has been with the center since its inception. He also chairs the research council and the Foreign and Security Policy Program.

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